Pervasive Telemetry uniquely provides an end-to-end solution for monitoring and control.

We design the hardware, develop the software and host the services.

Below is a list of the components of the Pervasive Telemetry Platform.


The AgentG2 is the physical interface to the Pervasive Telemetry platform. Built with electrical interfaces suitable for a wide range of applications, Agents combine the functions of communications, programmable control and monitoring.

Agents may either work autonomously, under direct user control or under the control of server side applications. Agents are fully network reprogrammable allowing functional changes in the field without user intervention.

The AgentG2 is managed through the Pervasive Telemetry website. This includes settings, parameters and configuration (programming). The website also provides for access control and code management tools.

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AU$999.00 + GST and Services*

AgentG2 Satellite

All the Capabilities of the AgentG2 beyond the reach of terrestrial mobile phone networks.

The AgentG2 Satellite utilises low earth orbit satellites to connect to Pervasive Telemetry servers.

It provides transparent monitoring and control in the vast expanses of land and sea not covered by terrestrial mobile phone networks.

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AU$2999.00 + GST and Services*

Pervasive Tank Monitoring Kit

The Pervasive Tank Monitoring Kit is a simple solar powered tank or liquid level monitoring solution.

The Pervasive Tank Monitoring Kit includes:

  • AgentG2
  • Antenna
  • Solar Panel
  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Immerse-able Tank Level Sensor

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AU$3500.00 + GST and Services*


Each Pervasive Telemetry Device or solution includes a service plan.

The Pervasive Telemetry Service Plan includes:

  • Website Access
  • Airtime (A sim card and monthly included data)
  • Configuration and Programming
  • Personal Customer Service
  • Ongoing Product Warranty

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AU$60.00/month + GST for GPRS/3G/NextG

AU$120.00/month + GST for Satellite

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