FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How can PT help me?

What is the difference between this and traditional SCADA?

What are the costs involved?

Are there seat based licences?

How many sensors can I connect to the AgentG2?

What can an AgentG2 control?

Will the AgentG2 work straight out of the box?

What components are needed?

There is no mains power at my location, can the AgentG2 run on solar?

Can I add a backup battery?

How can I view my data?

Can I view my data on my smart phone?

Can I access my data from overseas ?

Can I move the AgentG2 to another location?

I have no programming skills, can I get a config written for me?

If the mobile phone service goes down - does my data collection stop?

There is NO mobile phone coverage at my location.

Can the AgentG2 communicate via wi-fi ?

Is my data secure?

Is the AgentG2 weather proof?

Something happens out of business hours. What do I do?

What is your repair policy?

Where can I find your Privacy Policy ?

Who owns the data?

Can I get a copy of the data?

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