Pervasive Telemetry uniquely provides an end-to-end solution for a wide range monitoring and control needs.

We design the hardware, develop the software and host the services.

We offer a single point of responsibility for the operation of your monitoring needs.

Below are a small selection of the many applications for which Pervasive Telemetry has provided solutions.

Remote Essential Services

Pervasive Telemetry takes away the difficulties in obtaining up to date information on the state and performance of essential services in remote communities.

Having accurate and detailed information enables stake holders to identify and predict issues before they become failures.

Pervasive Telemetry provides comprehensive solutions for monitoring and control of remote essential services for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

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Water Treatment

Pervasive Telemetry can monitor, report and alert for the diverse situations experienced by water and waste water service providers.

Supporting multiple sensor input types, the AgentG2 can easily log a huge range of water industry sensors.

Examples include, pumps, magnetic and pulse flow meters, pressure and ultrasonic level sensors, multi-parameter SDI sensors.

Logged data is uploaded, securely stored and reported on from a central location.

Stock Control

Pervasive Telemetry can assist you with managing stock levels and supply chain replenishment ordering.

Be sent an automated email or SMS when specified stock levels are reached. Use this feature to automated your own replenishment ordering from suppliers.

Receive reports on usage patterns over customisable periods.

Provide Transparency betweens customers, suppliers and logistics providers.

Environmental Monitoring

Pervasive Telemetry can bring together multiple sensors and control equipment to provide a total environmental monitoring and control solution.

Whether your requirements are water quality, levels, flows, weather conditions or dust particulates.

We have provided solutions for pollutant remediation processing through to green house climate monitoring and control solutions.

Cathodic Protection

Pervasive Telemetry provides a continuous realtime solution for Cathodic Protection Monitoring.

Automated data gathering substantially reduces man-hours required over manual methods.

We provide real time alarm notifications within seconds of protection failures.

Provide evidence for regulatory compliance audits.

Chemical Dosing

Pervasive Telemetry provides chemical dosing service providers with a blended stock level management and dosing control solution.

Monitor chemical dosing pumps, tank levels and remotely adjust dosing profiles based on monitoring data.

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